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antique rugs

What to Do After a Slip and Fall on an Uneven Rug?

Experts always advise to maintain proper cleaning in the living spaces. When you visit some spaces where people put more efforts for cleaning, you can be sure about safety. Keeping things organized in the environment keep us safe from injuries.

But when you visit certain business that doesn’t take extra precautions for cleaning; chances are that you may face fall. Many people report trip due to uneven rugs and it sometimes leads to serious injuries. People keep on reporting wide range of issues regarding fall on uneven antique rugs. But very few of them know that they can even recover damages by filing a personal injury claim.

However, you may need few solid evidences to support your case. In case if you fall due to an uneven rug, you can immediately report to the homeowner, supervisor or to the store manager. It is important to bring the photos of the accident scene that can present the condition of the uneven antique rugs at that particular time. The statements from the eyewitnesses can help you present your case in better manner.

In case if you do not take any medical treatment, it may be difficult to bring your case to the court. The moment you meet the medical health professional, you should tell them the complete story so that right details can be included in the medical report.

Below we have listed some essential documents that you may need to file a claim with attorney at law:
* Photos of the injury.
* Pictures or video of the accident scene.
* Report of the accident.
* Witness statements.
* Proof of lost wages and missed work.
* Prescription receipts.
* Medical bills.

You need to contact a personal injury attorney at law to present your case in front of court. They may help you to gather all the supporting documents along with essential evidence. The attorneys know how to get claim from the property owner.

There are wide range of injuries that you may face due to fall or slip. In some cases, you may have to admit in the emergency rooms. The sudden falls due to uneven antique rugs may cause huge loss in terms of medical bills, discomfort, reduced productivity and pain.

antique rugsBelow we have listed few injuries that you may face due to falls on the rugs:
* Bruises and contusions.
* Lacerations.
* Traumatic brain injuries.
* Nerve and spine damage.
* Strained muscles.
* Dislocated shoulders.
* Sprained wrists or ankles.
* Knee injuries.
* Broken bones.

Some of these injuries may be at minor stage; however, others may be serious. Some broken parts get healed without any major complications; for others, you may need surgical intervention. No matter what kind of treatment you take for the injuries; it is important to collect all the documentary proofs. The evidence may help you to avail claim from the business or the individual who is involved in the issue. It is good to report the issue to the attorney at law as soon as possible so that required documents can be collected.

Antique Persian Rugs

Types Of Antique Persian Rugs

Rugs are quite popular today as it adds a lot of depth to your home. People generally want to opt for Persian rugs but do not know how to differentiate one from another. Here are some few characteristics of antique Persian rugs that you might not have known about

Tabriz Rugs

Tabriz rugs originated from Tabriz, the capital city of Azerbaijan. Tabriz is one of the oldest rug weaving regions in the world. These rugs are woven with high-quality wool or silk wrap. The patterns the rugs depict were generally nature or hunting. These rugs are extremely valuable and are generally found in museums or by private collectors.

Heriz Rugs

Heriz Rugs

Heriz rugs are bright and vibrant with bold patterns. They are generally seen with an oversized medallion in the center. These rugs are durable and will last you a lifetime.

Kashan Rugs

Kashan Rugs have an intricately designed medallion in the center with floral designs surrounding it. The colors used for these rugs are rich blue, deep reds and ivory essence. These are heavy duty with a knot count starting from 100kpsi to 800kpsi.

Gabbeh Rugs

Gabbeh Rugs

Gabbeh rugs are extremely rare as they were woven by Qashqai and Luri weaver from the mountains of Zagros. This is very evident in the design as they use tribal influence in their rugs. These rugs were hand spun and had thick designs woven with wool. They generally used naturally occurring colors like orange, yellow, rust, or red.

Isfahan Rugs

The design of Isfahan rugs are very symmetrical and balanced and the materials used were generally silk and wool. They consisted of single indigo or blue rose in the center with vines woven around a very contrasting ivory background.

Nain Rugs

Nair rugs are made with high-quality wool, knotted tightly together with about 300kpsi. These rugs are of high quality and extremely durable. They portray a patter very intricate with a hint of blue or green, intertwined with tiny flowers with a bold ivory background.

Mashad rugs

Mashad rugs are generally centered with Shah Abbasi medallion with an elaborate background filled with floral designs. These rugs are unusually large and are made with wool and cotton.

Balouchi Rugs

Balouchi Rugs

Balouchi rugs are extremely expensive as it is extremely expensive. The rug gets its name from the Balouchi tribe who weaves these rugs. They generally portray a design pattern with simple geometric design. The materials they use are sheep wool, which is heavily dyed blue or red. And the edges consist of camel or goat hair which is beige in color.

Qum Rugs

Qum rugs come from Qum province of Iran. They are high quality and knitted with a luxurious pile of silk or cotton with patterns including flowers, birds, medallions. The color they are found in is blue, red, brown or orange. The color Turquoise makes at least one element of the rug.