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rug sale

How to Sell Rugs

rug saleSelling rugs can be quite a gamble as a lot of money can be lost if it is not done correctly. Depending on the various factors, a rug sale can be very profitable but you need to take several things into consideration to make that happen. Nowadays, selling rugs is relatively easy thanks to the internet that allows people to market products and sell them online. This method is more accessible especially if you are new to selling rugs.

Following are some tips that will help you succeed:

Do Your Research
Doing thorough research is absolutely necessary. First, it is recommended that you identify the demand for the specific types of rugs in the market. Next, check the price on the market for those rugs. And finally, decide what type of rugs you will be going to sell. It would also be a good idea to include a marketing strategy and cost analysis for your products. You can hire the help of a marketing consultant for this purpose.

Negotiate with Dealers
When it comes to selling any product online, you have two options: either sell it via a dealer or sell through your own website. If you don’t have a website and you want to make the rug sale without much hassle, then it is recommended that you browse the internet and look for possible dealers who can help you out. Dealers are skilled in handling this type of business so negotiating with them will work to your advantage. They are people that you should ask for help, particularly if you want to make sure that your rugs are in good hands.

marketing consultantCreate a Website
If you want to do things on your own and you have lots of rugs to sell, then it would be a good idea to create your own website. For this purpose, you can hire the help of a professional web developer. Ask the developer to put up the necessary links that will allow your viewers and target audience to easily navigate through it.

Set Up Shipping
Apart from creating your own rug selling website, you will also need to find the means to ship the rugs as well as set up a mode of payment that will let you easily transact with your customers. Do proper research when finding and choosing a shipping method and payment system because your customers will expect you to deliver well.

rug sale


Define your marketing goals. For selling rugs online, you will need to rely on tools like automation, retargeting, AdWords, email, SEO, and social media. These new modes of marketing are crucial to online business success. Once you have launched your online rug selling store, hire the help of a marketing consultant so that you can maximize your marketing efforts.

In conclusion, selling rugs nowadays is not a problem thanks to the various product selling opportunities available online. You just need to know what to do. Weigh your options first and figure out if this is the kind of business you want to be involved in for a long time. In the end, choose a way that is the most convenient for your situation.

antique rugs

What to Do After a Slip and Fall on an Uneven Rug?

Experts always advise to maintain proper cleaning in the living spaces. When you visit some spaces where people put more efforts for cleaning, you can be sure about safety. Keeping things organized in the environment keep us safe from injuries.

But when you visit certain business that doesn’t take extra precautions for cleaning; chances are that you may face fall. Many people report trip due to uneven rugs and it sometimes leads to serious injuries. People keep on reporting wide range of issues regarding fall on uneven antique rugs. But very few of them know that they can even recover damages by filing a personal injury claim.

However, you may need few solid evidences to support your case. In case if you fall due to an uneven rug, you can immediately report to the homeowner, supervisor or to the store manager. It is important to bring the photos of the accident scene that can present the condition of the uneven antique rugs at that particular time. The statements from the eyewitnesses can help you present your case in better manner.

In case if you do not take any medical treatment, it may be difficult to bring your case to the court. The moment you meet the medical health professional, you should tell them the complete story so that right details can be included in the medical report.

Below we have listed some essential documents that you may need to file a claim with attorney at law:
* Photos of the injury.
* Pictures or video of the accident scene.
* Report of the accident.
* Witness statements.
* Proof of lost wages and missed work.
* Prescription receipts.
* Medical bills.

You need to contact a personal injury attorney at law to present your case in front of court. They may help you to gather all the supporting documents along with essential evidence. The attorneys know how to get claim from the property owner.

There are wide range of injuries that you may face due to fall or slip. In some cases, you may have to admit in the emergency rooms. The sudden falls due to uneven antique rugs may cause huge loss in terms of medical bills, discomfort, reduced productivity and pain.

antique rugsBelow we have listed few injuries that you may face due to falls on the rugs:
* Bruises and contusions.
* Lacerations.
* Traumatic brain injuries.
* Nerve and spine damage.
* Strained muscles.
* Dislocated shoulders.
* Sprained wrists or ankles.
* Knee injuries.
* Broken bones.

Some of these injuries may be at minor stage; however, others may be serious. Some broken parts get healed without any major complications; for others, you may need surgical intervention. No matter what kind of treatment you take for the injuries; it is important to collect all the documentary proofs. The evidence may help you to avail claim from the business or the individual who is involved in the issue. It is good to report the issue to the attorney at law as soon as possible so that required documents can be collected.

Oriental Rug

How to Purchase a Great Oriental Rug

Buying a rug for your modern home can be an extremely daunting task for most people. As this piece of décor lasts at home for years ahead, one needs to choose the top quality, best material, and most attractive pattern as well.

Whether you are buying an oriental rug for your living room, bedroom or kitchen, it must match the aesthetic, and at the same time, your rug must be capable enough to handle the routine traffic as well.

Those who are little confused about how to buy great oriental rugs are advised to go through the details below to ensure an easy purchase via oriental rugs for sale.

Oriental Rug

How to purchase the best oriental rug?

Once your new modern home is ready to move in, it is time to choose some of the most attractive and durable art pieces for the area. Interior décor plays a valuable role in setting positive vibes within the premises, and one of the most important elements of interior décor is an oriental rug.

No matter what kind of furniture you have installed in your premises, it is always good to check the available collection of oriental rugs online that can ensure an adequate color match with your existing décor.

Oriental Rug

Before you move out to buy a Persian rug, it is important to measure the available area in your room. Note that the market is loaded with rugs having a wide range of size, color, and patterns; buyers need to choose the most suitable option to match their décor needs. Proper measurement will help you to choose the rug carefully and make sure that it fits perfectly.

The second major factor of interest is the material. When you are buying an oriental rug for the high traffic areas such as a living room or the common entryways; hand-knotted woolen rugs can be the best choice as they can last longer. However, if you need a rug for the dining room, the low pile and flat weave designs will be the best. Experts advise buying silk rugs for guest rooms whereas flatweave rugs are more suitable for kitchen areas.

Buyers also need to think about the cleaning requirements of the rugs they are going to buy. It must maintain beauty even after muddy shoes and improper handling during dinner parties. The most common types of rugs can be washed at home using clean water. It is not advised to use a vacuum on rugs; otherwise, they may lose their strength.

Last but not least, one needs to consider the price of the rug so that their purchase fits the budget with ease. Prefer to compare available options on various platforms so that you can pick the most budget-friendly one. However, it is not good to compromise quality for money.

Pick a thoughtful and unique oriental rug online to make your living room look more elegant and beautiful with a special touch of colors, patterns, and softness. It can enhance the overall appeal of your home with ease.

Oriental Rugs

Are Oriental Rugs Popular Again?

Millions of people are searching for them online – It clearly means that Persian rugs are finally back.

Oriental rugs are an integral part of the American lifestyle; they add unique sophistication and warmth to the rooms while creating a welcoming and beautiful interior décor. The oriental rugs are known for their gorgeous, wild, and intricate patterns.

When you are interested in giving your living room a color therapy, it is better to engage the premises with the Oriental Rugs. It is a way to reinvent the freshness in the living space. You can also add these beautiful rugs into the bedroom and kitchen as well.

Oriental Rug

The most amazing thing to know about Oriental Rugs is that as they get older, they appear more attractive and softer as well. So, if you are looking for some unique ideas to add more beauty to your modern house, it is better to start by buying Persian rugs.

Some of you might be curious to know why Oriental rugs are again gaining popularity in the market; few reasons are listed below:

Lively Patterns:

The very first reason for oriental rugs being so popular in the market is their decorative design. People are more attracted to their stunning color patterns that make up thoughtful, organic, and authentic interiors. They can bring loads of positive energy into life. You can choose unique patterns for living room, bedroom, and kitchen as well.

Natural Materials:

Another big reason for oriental rugs being so popular worldwide is their eco-conscious manufacturing procedures. As most of the people these days are looking for environment-friendly designs, Persian rugs are one of the best choices for indoor décor. They are made up of sustainable materials and ensure a more natural feel.

Oriental Rugs

Vivid Colors:

You will be happy to hear that there are plenty of vivid colors available for oriental rugs. The saturated and strong shades create an exceptional look in the living room. When you need something that can create a perfect match with the aesthetics at your home, it is good to buy royal oriental rugs online.

Irresistible Cosiness:

These rugs are considered as the best choice for the bedrooms just because of their irresistible coziness. Antique rugs with durable piles and soft materials appear the best choice for every kind of home décor. Moreover, they add more snugness and warmth to the premises.

All these factors reveal the reason behind the exceptional beauty of Persian rugs. They appear the best choice for all weather conditions; while keeping your floor comfortable, they also enhance the overall appearance of the living space.

The best news for the buyers around the world is that you can find oriental area rugs for sale online at a reasonable price. Prefer to pick some of the best designs online and place an order to ensure fast delivery at your doorstep. You can easily find many balanced, dichromatic, and unique designs while improving the overall appearance of your premises. They introduce more snugness and warmth into the rooms.

Antique Persian Rugs

Types Of Antique Persian Rugs

Rugs are quite popular today as it adds a lot of depth to your home. People generally want to opt for Persian rugs but do not know how to differentiate one from another. Here are some few characteristics of antique Persian rugs that you might not have known about

Tabriz Rugs

Tabriz rugs originated from Tabriz, the capital city of Azerbaijan. Tabriz is one of the oldest rug weaving regions in the world. These rugs are woven with high-quality wool or silk wrap. The patterns the rugs depict were generally nature or hunting. These rugs are extremely valuable and are generally found in museums or by private collectors.

Heriz Rugs

Heriz Rugs

Heriz rugs are bright and vibrant with bold patterns. They are generally seen with an oversized medallion in the center. These rugs are durable and will last you a lifetime.

Kashan Rugs

Kashan Rugs have an intricately designed medallion in the center with floral designs surrounding it. The colors used for these rugs are rich blue, deep reds and ivory essence. These are heavy duty with a knot count starting from 100kpsi to 800kpsi.

Gabbeh Rugs

Gabbeh Rugs

Gabbeh rugs are extremely rare as they were woven by Qashqai and Luri weaver from the mountains of Zagros. This is very evident in the design as they use tribal influence in their rugs. These rugs were hand spun and had thick designs woven with wool. They generally used naturally occurring colors like orange, yellow, rust, or red.

Isfahan Rugs

The design of Isfahan rugs are very symmetrical and balanced and the materials used were generally silk and wool. They consisted of single indigo or blue rose in the center with vines woven around a very contrasting ivory background.

Nain Rugs

Nair rugs are made with high-quality wool, knotted tightly together with about 300kpsi. These rugs are of high quality and extremely durable. They portray a patter very intricate with a hint of blue or green, intertwined with tiny flowers with a bold ivory background.

Mashad rugs

Mashad rugs are generally centered with Shah Abbasi medallion with an elaborate background filled with floral designs. These rugs are unusually large and are made with wool and cotton.

Balouchi Rugs

Balouchi Rugs

Balouchi rugs are extremely expensive as it is extremely expensive. The rug gets its name from the Balouchi tribe who weaves these rugs. They generally portray a design pattern with simple geometric design. The materials they use are sheep wool, which is heavily dyed blue or red. And the edges consist of camel or goat hair which is beige in color.

Qum Rugs

Qum rugs come from Qum province of Iran. They are high quality and knitted with a luxurious pile of silk or cotton with patterns including flowers, birds, medallions. The color they are found in is blue, red, brown or orange. The color Turquoise makes at least one element of the rug.